[Ubuntu-US-CA] CSULB Installfest April 23

Kenneth Starks helios at fixedbylinux.com
Thu Feb 28 05:30:04 UTC 2008

Hi Glenn,

I have a half dozen power strips still in the box I will be glad to donate.
If you don't mind picking up the shipping, I will be happy to give them to


On Wed, Feb 27, 2008 at 11:05 PM, Glenn Zucman <gzucman at csulb.edu> wrote:

> Hello!
> I've ironed out a date for our University Theater - Wed April 23. We can
> have it at 6pm. So if we still like the plan we can:
> 1. Screen Revolution OS from 6-7
> 2. Raise the screen after the film and use the whole stage area (big
> open black space) for the installfest.
> I will
> 1. Poke around for tables and chairs and power strips
> 2. Try to hunt down some Comp Sci faculty who might be interested and
> can get their students to come
> I think I will "bribe" my students with a few points of EC to come watch
> the film... and then they can install after if they want to - but that
> part is on their own.
> Good News: more people will come see what's up
> Bad News: don't be too depressed after the film if peeps just leave
> I'm guessing this will be a small event... but it is a big theater (378
> seats) and a huge campus (37,000 students) so it'd be nice if we could
> make a little dent in the proprietary-cradle-to-grave model the the
> University tacitly, if not officially, supports.
> I probably shouldn't have even said "378 / 37,000" because to be
> realistic, I imagine the place will be mostly empty. Still, I've now
> taught over 1,300 students here, and only 2 of them used Linux... so we
> should be able to beat that a bunch of times over in a single night.
> I've put a listing on our home page about the event:
> http://art110.wikispaces.com/#installfest
> I also made an event page (minimal now, but can expand)
> http://art110.wikispaces.com/installfest
> The discussion tab of the this page is a great place to discuss any
> logistics (or, obviously on the U-Ca forum)
> Anyone who's a member of Wikispaces can post to discussions
> Members of Wikispaces and of the Art110 wikispace can edit pages
> (if anyone wants to join and post content, just LMK and I can approve
> your request)
> thank you!
> -- Glenn
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