[Ubuntu-US-CA] CSULB Installfest April 23

Glenn Zucman gzucman at csulb.edu
Thu Feb 28 05:05:42 UTC 2008


I've ironed out a date for our University Theater - Wed April 23. We can 
have it at 6pm. So if we still like the plan we can:
1. Screen Revolution OS from 6-7
2. Raise the screen after the film and use the whole stage area (big 
open black space) for the installfest.

I will
1. Poke around for tables and chairs and power strips
2. Try to hunt down some Comp Sci faculty who might be interested and 
can get their students to come

I think I will "bribe" my students with a few points of EC to come watch 
the film... and then they can install after if they want to - but that 
part is on their own.
Good News: more people will come see what's up
Bad News: don't be too depressed after the film if peeps just leave

I'm guessing this will be a small event... but it is a big theater (378 
seats) and a huge campus (37,000 students) so it'd be nice if we could 
make a little dent in the proprietary-cradle-to-grave model the the 
University tacitly, if not officially, supports.

I probably shouldn't have even said "378 / 37,000" because to be 
realistic, I imagine the place will be mostly empty. Still, I've now 
taught over 1,300 students here, and only 2 of them used Linux... so we 
should be able to beat that a bunch of times over in a single night.

I've put a listing on our home page about the event:

I also made an event page (minimal now, but can expand)

The discussion tab of the this page is a great place to discuss any 
logistics (or, obviously on the U-Ca forum)
Anyone who's a member of Wikispaces can post to discussions
Members of Wikispaces and of the Art110 wikispace can edit pages
(if anyone wants to join and post content, just LMK and I can approve 
your request)


thank you!

-- Glenn
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