[Ubuntu-US-CA] Tux will liberate a town in California

Larry Cafiero larry.cafiero at gmail.com
Fri Feb 22 19:22:07 UTC 2008

Hi, all --

Thanks, Ken, for making this announcement and laying the groundwork
for what we plan to accomplish in Felton.

[First, a minor correction -- my "day job" is a copy editor for the
Santa Cruz Sentinel, not Santa Clara, as Ken mentioned.]

Some of you in the California LoCo already know me as the guy who
tries to scale the firewall at the Sentinel on those Sunday evenings
when there's an IRC meeting, most of the time unsuccessfully, but
nevertheless I am an advocate for FOSS and Ubuntu in the Santa Cruz
area. I am also the incoming president of the Cabrillo College
GNU/Linux Users Group since I am also a student at Cabrillo.

A little background on the project going forward: Joining with Ken
last year, I established HeliOS Solutions West in Felton back in
August. Like it's counterpart in Austin, HeliOS Solutions West
provides Linux conversion services for folks and small businesses in
the San Lorenzo Valley, where Felton is located, and the Monterey Bay
area. My office was in the back of the Felton Trading Post, which was
a second-hand store in "downtown Felton." The Felton Trading Post --
the store -- burned significantly in a fire in November and the damage
made the back office space uninhabitable (although, thankfully, none
of my hardware was affected, save for a few boxes with a bar-b-que
smell to them).

Since November, I have been working out of my house, but I've found a
reasonably priced office space in the Felton Center in which I plan to
take occupancy on March 1.

A little about Felton: Like a lot of folks in the Santa Cruz
Mountians, the people of Felton (population: around 6,000) have an
independence streak to them, which has lately manifested itself in
their efforts to buy back their waterworks from a multinational
corporation. Since August, I've been talking to people about FOSS and
their digital options, and a significant number of residents and
businesspeople are warm to the idea.

So the plan is this: Starting in March through June, have some low-
and medium-level promotion of the project (low-level: Word of mouth /
medium-level: local media) to get people familiar with it. In June, we
plan to hold introductory meetings and installfests throughout the
weekends where those who are interested can find out more about FOSS
and their options, get them comfortable with whichever distro they
prefer (and this is where the California LoCo can help -- by being
Ubuntu's people on the ground here in Felton).

Then, on July 4th, we in Felton proclaim Digital Independence Day and
start those who plan to participate to go one week -- July 4 through
July 11 -- without being beholden to the mandarins of Redmond and
Cupertino. Using LiveCDs and thumb drives -- for those who don't want
space on their hard drives -- and helping those in June who feel
braver and want to dual-boot or go all the way with a Linux
installment, we will be there to monitor, troubleshoot and assist in a
Microsoft- and MacOS-free week for individuals and businesses.

And hopefully, on July 12th, most -- if not all -- of the folks
participating in Felton will stay converted.

Sorry this was so long-winded, and if anyone has any questions, you
can e-mail me at larry.cafiero at gmail.com. To be frank, the California
LoCo's participation and contribution is critical to the success of
this project, so I am appealing to your sense of duty to FOSS project
to help make this a success.

For those of you who are still awake, thanks for getting this far.

Larry Cafiero

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