[Ubuntu-US-CA] CSULB Installfest Details

Glenn Zucman gzucman at csulb.edu
Thu Apr 24 00:23:05 UTC 2008

Dear All,

Last minute change! Due to Art Department politics I won't torture 
with... we've been kicked out of the University Theater for this 
evening! :+[

We're going to move it to FA4-307 - "Fine Arts building #4" - 3rd floor 
- room 307.

Sorry about this! I just found out!

I don't have your cells... but mine is 626-456-3246

If you're at UT-108 you can call me and we'll come escort you over.

 From UT, FA4 is 4 buildings North.

See you in a bit!

--- Glenn

Neal Bussett wrote:
> So, as most of you know, we've got an installfest going on today at 
> CSULB.  Most of us know where the college is, but here are more details 
> you'll need in order to successfully navigate.
> Just like most installfests, bring any Ubuntu CDs you have and whatever 
> demoboxes you'd like.  We will have projectors and tables and should 
> have plenty of power strips as well.
> The general flier is here:
> http://art110.wikispaces.com/installfest
> It starts at 6pm (with Revolution OS) and then the installfest is after 
> that (around 7ish).  It's in UT-108.
> Since we all love free parking, you pick up your parking pass where the 
> VIC is on this map (red circle on the left hand side of the perspective 
> view):
> http://www.artboy.info/strange/KBCHmap.pdf
> Just let them know what you're here for, and give them your name, and 
> you shouldn't have any problems.
> The room itself (UT-108) isn't listed on that map (that I can see), it 
> is here though:
> http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?ie=UTF8&hl=en&msa=0&msid=114386187063259033023.000001133afcc9a7007a1&z=10&iwloc=000437dcae6bf485cd093&output=html
> and also, http://daf.csulb.edu/maps/campus/south.html has the UT 
> building, directly north from lot seven (on the far right).  This map 
> connects to the previous one, with the parking info.
> I think that covers it, see you all tonight!
> Neal Bussett
> Ubuntu California
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