[Ubuntu-US-CA] Gutsy Install fest this Saturday!

Charles N Wyble charles at thewybles.com
Mon Oct 29 21:40:17 UTC 2007

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Nathan Haines wrote:
> Charles,
> Is there a reason for the sudden change in venue?  

Barcamp seemed like a more appropriate venue. A substantial amount of
technological / open source oriented people and projects will be
present. I think we could actually get quite a few new Linux users as well.

I would like to attend both events, and so it seemed that combining them
would be idea.

As for being a sudden change in venue, I wouldn't say its sudden per se.
I am announcing it a week in advance.

Also, could we know what times the new venue expect us?

Well. Its what is called an un conference. So the schedule is decided on
the fly. I would say we could reserve the 3:00 to 5:00 pm slots both
days with a great degree of certainty. Unless you have a time which
would be better?

This could affect my availability.
> Also, do we have anyone available to be there Sunday? 

I will be there both days all day.

 I'm not sure I can make it, that day, myself.

Not a problem. I will be there.

> Nathan
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> Ok. The website has been updated with everything I can think of. If any
> additional information should be added, please reply to the list.
> Ill send out the announcement about 5 if I haven't heard any feedback. I
> am also in IRC but may or may not be paying attention to it. :)
> Charles N Wyble wrote:
>> All,
>> 	Just a reminder. In cooperation with the Ubuntu California team, the
>> Los Angeles tech community, and Barcamp, Known Element Enterprises is
>> sponsoring a Ubuntu Install Fest this Saturday. More details can be
>> found at:
>> http://www.knownelement.com/events/gutsy-install.html
>> Hope to see you and all your windows using friends there! :)

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