[Ubuntu-US-CA] very new needs help.

Nathan Haines nathan at nhaines.com
Fri Nov 30 19:12:23 UTC 2007

Dennis Heinson wrote:
> Then again, Ubuntu installs a dual boot system by default. That means you 
> don't lose your previous operating system, only some hard drive storage 
> space.
I wanted to comment because this is a very dangerous assertion as it is
not true.  Ubuntu wipes the primary harddrive and installs itself on the
entire drive by default.

Dual-booting is as trivial as choosing the second option to resize
existing partitions during installation.  Ubuntu then sets its
bootloader to provide a choice to boot into any installed operating
system it can recognize alongside Ubuntu.

Blindly clicking "Forward" is going to be a nasty surprise.

Nathan Haines
Computer technician and Linux specialist

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