[Ubuntu-US-CA] very new needs help.

Charles N Wyble charles at thewybles.com
Fri Nov 30 16:54:14 UTC 2007

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Knoppix and various Knoppix based distros (like Morphix) all do this.
Usually using the toram option.

So I imagine that you could look at the scripts and boot process and
then shoehorn it into Ubuntu.

dave at seobm.com wrote:
> On a similar topic. I'd like to set up Ubuntu on a ram disk. Ideally a bootable 
> DVD would create a ram disk of some size, copy the files from the DVD to the ram 
> disk, then boot from the ram disk. I'd keep my personal data on a USB stick 
> which I'd copy over on bootup each time and write some scripts for persistence 
> to the USB stick and burn new DVDs to capture the major updates and such.
> Anybody know how to do this, have general ideas, or can point out good reference 
> material to research?
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>     Subject: [Ubuntu-US-CA] very new needs help.
>     From: "Stan" <smpugh at sbcglobal.net>
>     Date: Thu, November 29, 2007 11:38 am
>     To: <ubuntu-us-ca at lists.ubuntu.com>
>       HI Neal or team CA, I tried several times to download the unubtu and make
>     the cd but (windows?) refused to accept it on the hard drive? Or I just
>     couldn’t figure out how to make the livecd (which is plausible.)
>     I finally ordered it and now I'm a bit lost.
>     Can I ask you a few questions?
>     1. It seems that when I used the livecd and then turn off the laptop, none
>     of the prefs seem to save anywhere. Is this correct or normal?
>     2. I'm having major problems getting my wireless to accept on the system. I
>     had placed all the info in the correct places i.e. the wep key and name of
>     system, I had it on line 1 time with the wireless (after trying many many
>     different things) and now I can’t seem to get it back on.
>     3. Will I have to completely install it on the hard drive for all my prefs
>     to save? 
>     4. As it is now, it looks like if I screw up too badly and can just turn it
>     off and reboot and its like a clean slate? GOD IM CROSSING MY FINGERS ON
>     THAT ONE.. LOL 5. If I do install it completely, it will just reformat the
>     HD and then it will be clean anyway? This would be good, I think. While
>     playing around I may have put in a password or something to do SOMETHING and
>     I cant remember what it was or why..
>     I guess right now the most pressing issue I have is the wireless issues. I
>     have only tried it at home, so I'm not sure if it will give the same
>     problems when im out at a café with free wireless. Waiting to see about that
>     until I learn the system a bit better.
>     As you can see, I'm not all that versed on the workings of computers.
>     I couldn’t even figure out how to do the support thing..
>     Thank you so much for any help you can give me.
>     Stan
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