[Ubuntu-US-CA] Gutsy Install fest this Saturday!

Charles N Wyble charles at thewybles.com
Fri Nov 2 08:18:06 UTC 2007

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I will be video taping like a mad man! Ill bring both my full on dv rig
and my new nokia n95. Did some test video with it today and its
outstanding quality!

Nathan Haines wrote:
> Charles,
> Quick question...
> Are you still available to videotape any presentations given by the
> Ubuntu California team or should I arrange my own videographer?
> Thanks,
> Nathan
> Charles N Wyble wrote:
>> I am glad the idea has gained popularity. :)
>> I have sent out the announcement to the LiLAX and UUASC lists which are
>> more or less representative of the so cal area and are closest to the
>> barcamp area.
>> Joe Smith wrote:
>>> It sounds like it'll be pretty sick. I've heard good things about
>> different
>>> barcamps, and unconferences are a cool place to learn things and meet
>>> different people. I'm thinking about bringing a sleeping bag and
>> crashing
>>> there for the night too. At first I thought the change would throw
>> people
>>> off, but now I'm hoping that we'll just be able to attract a lot more
>>> people. I'm in favor of the move, personally.
>>> Joe Smith
>>> On Oct 29, 2007 1:36 PM, Charles N Wyble <charles at thewybles.com> wrote:
>>> All,
>>>        Just a reminder. In cooperation with the Ubuntu California team,
>>> the
>>> Los Angeles tech community, and Barcamp, Known Element Enterprises is
>>> sponsoring a Ubuntu Install Fest this Saturday. More details can be
>>> found at:
>>> http://www.knownelement.com/events/gutsy-install.html
>>> Hope to see you and all your windows using friends there! :)

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