Nicknames and ChatZilla

Joe Smith yasumoto7 at
Mon Aug 13 00:59:12 UTC 2007

There was a question about user names (they're known as nicknames on irc),
so I figured that there might be someone else with a similar question:
In order to get on, you don't need to register your nickname (or nick), but
you'll want to eventually. There's a whole system that deals with nick
registration, all handled by a bot named Nickserv. Head over to to read more, and if anything
isn't working out, send me an e-mail or ask in our channel. (You can check
out too)

Here's a basic primer in case anyone needs it (for ChatZilla):
When you open up Chatzilla, connect to freenode (I clicked on a link in the
window, but you can type /networks to get the list if you don't see it).
Then you can change your name with /nick yourname  (in my case, I'd use
/nick Yasumoto).
If someone is using that name, you'll see "The nickname "Yasumoto" is
already in use, use the /nick command to pick a new one." In that case, type
/nick something_else for another one. Once you're up and running, type /join
#ubuntu-california, and you should be good.

Joe Smith
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