[ubuntu-arizona] AZ LoCo meeting 01/29/2011

Todd Cole toddc at azloco.com
Mon Jan 30 04:37:55 UTC 2012

<Dazed_75> +1<Eric-A> +1<NeoNetNinja> +1<toddc> +1<toddc> Feel free to
make comments and add input to our meeting at anytime.<toddc> I will
also be in http://azlocobbb.banditti.com tonight if you want to talk
or see me.<toddc> BigBlueButton only works on some installs of unity
(not mine) so if someone knows the fix<toddc> please let me know what
I missed<toddc> Let's start with the news till everyone gets here and
we have a lot of news tonight!!!!<Dazed_75> Works on my Unity and I am
there now also<toddc> 12.04 News<toddc>    Heads-up Menu
Replacement<toddc> http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/939<toddc>
P.S. I am using it in a vm 12.04 setup<toddc> Give Ubuntu a New Look
with the 'Edgebound Desktop'<toddc>
Bumblebee 3.0 Released (Nvidia Optimus GPU Switching) for Linux<toddc>
How USB Charging Works<toddc>
is HUD a replacement or an in addition to?<toddc> Google Scores
Contract to bring 27,000 Chromebooks to Schools<toddc>
 a add on --easy search bar<toddc> pretty cool but needs more content
yet<toddc> KDE version 4.8 released this week<toddc>
http://kde.org/announcements/4.8/<toddc> XBMC!How to turn your Ubuntu
into the Media Center of your dreams.<toddc>
reddit running Ubuntu servers in two data centers with 149% growth
last year!<toddc>
Tablet runs Ubuntu out of the Box<toddc>
http://www.flickr.com/photos/pleia2/6744430013/<toddc> VBoxHeadless -
Running Virtual Machines With VirtualBox 4.1 On A Headless Ubuntu
11.10 Server<toddc>
How to customise Ubuntu's Unity interface<toddc>
Thank Dazed-75 for the news tonight!!!<toddc> We have a possible date
to to do a installfest in Tucson<toddc> NeoNetNinja:<toddc>
NeoNetNinja: can you give us details sofar<NeoNetNinja> I think we
were talking about the April 7th date last<toddc> correct at U of A
again<toddc> 10-4<NeoNetNinja> yep<toddc> uless anyone has a any
conflicts or better ideas?<Dazed_75> Works for me<toddc> in not
NeoNetNinja  will start to confirm dates later this week with U of
A<[R]> toddc: so i may go down for it<toddc> if not<toddc> and yes
open to all and I usually drive down my van so a carpooling will be a
option<toddc> we had fun last year but not a lot of new users<toddc>
there were several other local events that week so we are trying to
plan better this time<toddc> JOB LIST<toddc> Network Administrator. .
... North Scottsdale Location<toddc> reps.itel at gmail.com* Eric-A has
quit (Quit: Konversation terminated!)<toddc> Firmware Engineer
(Henderson, NV )<toddc> job-9dens-2804795733 at craigslist.org<toddc>
Systems Administrator / Perl Developer at DesertNet (Tucson,
Application Engineer (Arizona)<toddc>
job-pusrk-2817630913 at craigslist.org<toddc> Systems Engineer (Linux)
(Mesa, AZ)<toddc> www.ivedasolutions.com .<toddc> TEMPE SERVER
INSTALLFEST<toddc> We had a great time and did some work on the
Zentyal system and prepared to do a ubuntu NetaTalk<toddc> Box for Don
at the next installfest<toddc> Eric will doing a presentation at the
next Installfest February 18 at UAT<toddc> TEMPE INSTALLFEST<toddc> we
were joined by students from MCC class and 4-5 installs and 4-5
update/repairs<toddc> and built two NetaTalk boxes and met many new
people and had a lot of fun<toddc> thanks to Shubes,[R] Don.Dennis and
Justin Dwayne Dazed-75 and all the others for a great event!<toddc>
The last several installfests have been very busy so if you have time
or want to meet any of us or have problems feel free to show up.*
SlickMcRunFast (~mark at 174-17-238-8.phnx.qwest.net) has joined
#Ubuntu-US-AZ<toddc> PLUG EVENTS xHans  would you do the honor?<xHans>
soitanly<xHans> SCaLE was last weekend, as usual it was a fun
conference<xHans> lots of great content and plenty of worthwhile
hallway track<xHans> they added a kids mini-conference this year and
expanded the game night<xHans> overall, definitely worth the 4 days of
our lives that we spend participating in it<xHans> videos of talks
will be going up sometime in the near future, last year's videos are
still up and lots of good stuff there<xHans> ABLEconf online meeting
this Wednesday at 19:00<xHans> thanks again to AZLoCo for letting us
use the LoCo's BBB instance<xHans> less than two month's until
ABLEconf on Saturday, March 24th<xHans> we'd love more help, so please
join the mailing list and meetings if you'd like to participate in
putting on a successful Free Software conference in the valley<xHans>
ABLEconf's Birds of a Feather at SCaLE was well-attended and showed we
have lots of volunteers, but there's still a lot to do before the
conference<xHans> http://azlocobbb.banditti.com for the meeting<xHans>
PLUG devel meeting this Thursday at 19:30<xHans> Topic: "Overview of
customizing and re-compiling a Linux kernel"<xHans>
PLUG east side a week from Thursday at 19:00<xHans> topics are set,
but I'm unsure what they are<xHans>
Dazed_75: do you remember the topics?<xHans> I believe they're the
presentations from Dennis and Chris<Dazed_75> Sorry, I do not<xHans>
and Brian will have another graphics program presentation for
us<xHans> he's already let me know I should have the
gimp-resynthesizer package installed for the meeting :)<xHans> that's
it from me for this week<toddc> Thanks xHans for keeping us up to date
on Plug events and ABLEconf.org<Dazed_75> Back to SCALE, they had more
than 100 exhibitors, more than 130 sessions, nearly 2,000
attendees.<Dazed_75> Canonical sponsored an all day event called
Ubucon on the Friday SCALE 10x started.<Dazed_75> Lots of talks and
discussions.  Two really good Unity talks:<Dazed_75> 1) Unity for
power users, and 2) Customizing Unity.<Dazed_75> Anyway, it was a task
choosing talks sometimes<Dazed_75> I loved the Linux and
devices<Dazed_75> They had a radio controlled shark drivwn by an
Arduino<xHans> Dazed_75: yeah, I wanted to see 5 of the talks that ran
the same time as my talk!<Dazed_75> it was like 4 ft long and floated
in the air<Dazed_75> Exactly<toddc> I heard that Dewayne's wife came
home with a ton of disto cd's!!!<xHans> oooh and now I need to add
that talk to my list of videos to watch :)<Dazed_75> The speaker did a
great job describing how she got into Arduinos and sensors,
etc<Dazed_75> Thats all for me<toddc> I hear that rasberry pi might be
out near the weekend! :)<Dazed_75> We saw one in the XBMC both<xHans>
should be out any day now<toddc> http://www.raspberrypi.org/<xHans>
yeah, the xbmc guys were pretty happy with it<toddc> should sell out
in two hours is the estimate<xHans> :(<xHans> not sure how quick I can
react during the day<toddc> I will be checking on it and will email
you if you like<toddc> I only check twice per day as time
permits<toddc> that is all I have any questions or comments or other
news or ideas?<toddc> thanks for coming tonight but I will be here a
while if anyone needs help or has a question

Todd Cole
Ubuntu Arizona Team
TEMPE AZ  85282-6507
toddc at azloco.com
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