[ubuntu-arizona] Team Meeting Sept 25 2011

Todd Cole toddc at azloco.com
Mon Sep 26 04:40:29 UTC 2011

 [20:59]        Siph0n  +1[21:00] toddc   Welcome to AZLOCO IRC
Meeting Please sign in with a +1[21:00] toddc   +1[21:00] toddc   Feel
free to make comments and add input to our meeting at anytime.[21:00]
toddc   Anyone here new tonight please introduce yourself and tell us
a little about yourself?[21:00] toddc   I will also be in
http://azlocobbb.banditti.com tonight if you want to talk or see
me.[21:00] toddc   ubuntu news[21:01] toddc   Ubuntu 11.10 will sync
your installed apps across computers[21:01] toddc
toddc   Siph0n: just us tonight?[21:01] toddc   Ubuntu 11.10 will sync
your installed apps across computer[21:01] -->|    LuftHans
(~lufthans at wsip-174-79-56-141.ph.ph.cox.net) has joined
#Ubuntu-US-AZ[21:01] toddc
toddc   Rebooting vs. Stop/Start of Amazon EC2 Instance[21:02] toddc
toddc   welcome LuftHans[21:02] toddc   Ubuntu web site launched to
encourage application developers[21:02] toddc
toddc   17 Days till 11.10 will be released on October 13 2011[21:03]
LuftHans        moin moin[21:03] toddc   Oneiric 11.10 is now our in
Beta 2 for testing and seems stable on my test after three
weeks[21:03] toddc   I now have access to set up azloco.com email
address so if you would like one please contact me![21:03] toddc   At
toddc at azloco.com[21:03] toddc   server admin[21:03] toddc
toddc   JOB LIST[21:04] toddc   Software Test Engineer[21:04] toddc
Web / Linux Developer[21:04] toddc   recruiter at adonnetwork.com[21:04]
toddc   (602) 266-8138[21:04] toddc   NOC Engineer[21:04] toddc
toddc   Solutions Specialist I[21:04] toddc   Cable ONE[21:04] toddc
Desktop Support[21:04] toddc   www.apsmsystems.com[21:04] toddc   TEAM
SERVER NEWS[21:05] toddc   Current plans are to add BigBlue Button to
azloco.com also a link to the Ubuntu classroom Training Page as soon
as Drupal is updated. So, if someone has time /[21:05] toddc
http://test.azloco.com/ipxe/[21:05] toddc   Thugal is looking at to
see what needs to be done AND WE HAVE APPROVAL TO START THIS
WEEK--CAPS[21:06] toddc   FUTURE EVENTS[21:06] |<--    Siph0n has left
freenode (Quit: Leaving)[21:06] toddc   We are planning a 11.10
Release party for the October installfest stay tuned for more
info[21:07] -->|    dennisk (~dennisk at ip70-162-80-2.ph.ph.cox.net) has
joined #Ubuntu-US-AZ[21:07] toddc   also we will be adding video of
installfests on BBB and running demos starting next month at the
installfest[21:07] toddc   [21:07] dennisk +1[21:08] toddc   welcome
dennisk[21:08] dennisk Hi Todd, can't stay long[21:09] toddc
LuftHans: that is about all the team info I had would you like add
plug and or?[21:09] LuftHans        devel mtg is a week from
Thursday[21:10] LuftHans        it's an off week for us[21:10] toddc
dennisk: np thanks[21:10] toddc   will there be a west side meeting
?[21:11] dennisk LuftHans: Please mention MCC classes, esp. CIS236DL,
M-W pm, Tu-Th am[21:11] dennisk at dev[21:12] LuftHans        dennisk:
send that to Paul[21:12] dennisk Will do[21:12] LuftHans
danke[21:12] toddc   LuftHans or should I remove it from the
calender?[21:12] LuftHans        toddc: I don't know[21:13] toddc   ok
I heard that at the current time there was nothing on the west
side[21:14] toddc   I will leave all west side events up for the time
being[21:14] toddc   that is all I have any questions or comments or
other news or ideas?[21:15] toddc   thanks for coming tonight but I
will be here a while if anyone needs help or has a question[21:16]
LuftHans        have a good night[21:16] dennisk Bye all

Todd Cole
Ubuntu Arizona Team
toddc at azloco.com
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