[ubuntu-arizona] New Server Tonight 01-27-09

Shane Lofgren slofgren at gmail.com
Wed Jan 28 00:10:03 GMT 2009

Ubuntu AZ,
The new server is scheduled to be installed at 7pm tonight.  The plan is to
drop the new server (not configured) in the current servers place.  The
current server will be wiped out and have 8.04 LTS installed on it.  I have
the web pages backed up.  If you have personal docs on the server you need
to back them up.  This is very short notice but we are working with an
outside contact to schedule this event.  It will take a few days to have
everything back up and running.  We will need to resetup our web pages and
IRC stats.  If you have questions please let me know or jump into IRC.

To have a shell account you will need to request one in IRC to slofgren or
johnc4510.  We will only issue an acount to those that are participating in
the group and have proven to be honest and reliable.  There is not a time
frame of participation but it is at our discretion. We don't want an
incident to occur negativily on our resources.

-Shane Lofgren
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