[ubuntu-arizona] AZ Team going before LoCo council for Approval and Official Recognition

John Crawford johnc4510 at cox.net
Sun Jun 1 17:07:18 BST 2008

Greetings to the Arizona Team

On Wednesday, June 4th, 2008 at 9:00 AM local time, our team will go 
before the Ubunu LoCo Council Board to try and gain offical recognition 
as an Approved Ubuntu LoCo team. The meeting will be in the IRC channel 
#ubuntu-meeting on the irc.freenode.net network. Just join our team 
channel as usual, and then type /join #ubuntu-meeting. As I said, the 
meeting starts at 9:00 AM local time, and we are the 4th team on the 
list of teams applying for approval.

If you have never attended one of these membership meetings, don't 
worry. tyche and I have been involved in serveral. Below you will find a 
listing of how it will work, what you should and shouldn't do.

1. The channel the meeting is held in is not a channel for chatting in. 
While the meeting is in session, you should refrain from any idle talk 
to give the other teams that are up for approval a chance to make their 
presentations, and the council a chance to ask any questions.

2. When it is our turn to make our presentation, the council will call 
on us.

3. At that point, I will paste our pre-prepared team introduction into 
the channel.

4. Now is the time to cheer for our team and let your presence be known 
to the council. A simple: "I'm here to cheer on the AZ team", or "w00t 
for the Arizona team", or something like that is very helpful and 
appropriate. A good rule of thumb is to watch for tyche to begin the 
cheering and follow his lead.

5. After the short cheering session, about the time it takes the council 
to read our intro, we ask that you please refrain from making any 
further comments, and let me answer all questions that the council may ask.

6. After the council has voted, and if we are approved, it is ok to add 
another brief cheer before the next team is called.

This step is very important for our team. Though conflicts like work and 
school are understandable, it is my hope that all team members who can 
will somehow find a way to attend this meeting and voice their support 
for our team. The council likes to see a good turn out of team members 
showing their support, and it could really make a difference to our 
success in this endeavor.

I personally want to thank every team member for helping our team get to 
this point.

Thanks, and I'll see you at the Council Meeting!

John Crawford aka johnc4510
Arizona Team Leader

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