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Craig A. Eddy tyche at cox.net
Wed Jul 23 17:49:47 BST 2008

Welcome to the Ubuntu-Arizona Weekly Newsletter, Issue #56 for the week
July 14, July 20, 2008.

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== Newsletter ==

=== Summary of the July 20, 2008 meeting ===

johnc4510 called the meeting to order at 9:00 PM

Agenda: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ArizonaTeam/Meetings/08July20

johnc4510 started with the following announcements:

1. New Ubuntu QA team - A new community-driven Ubuntu QA team has
formally been created. The Ubuntu QA team is focused on developing
tools, policies, and practices for ensuring Ubuntu's quality as a
distribution as well as providing general advice, oversight, and
leadership of QA activities within the Ubuntu project. 

2. Intrepid Alpha 3 - The expected release date of Intrepid Alpha 3 is
next Thursday, July 24.  johnc4510 mentioned that he had tried Intrepid
Alpha 1 and it appeared to be pretty stable, but recommended that people
not replace Hardy with it yet.

3. Ubuntu Forums Interview - New Forums interview with Mark Shuttleworth
by the forums. These interviews are a standard 9 simple questions of all
the people interviewed. They say Mark's answer to #7 is very funny. 
When you look at the URL, you will see that the final of it is sabdfl. 
This stands for Self Appointed Benevolent Dictator For Life, which is
Mark Shuttleworth's position in Canonical.  This is Mark's nickname in

4. New Dell machines now have Ubuntu Hardy 8.04 pre-installed -
johnc4510 thought that these were the same 3 machines that were offered
before with Feisty Fawn installed on them, simply with an upgraded OS. 
Whether or not, they are a good range, 2 laptops and a desktop, and all

5. Ubuntu-UK podcast: episode #10 now available - These are very good
podcast from the uk, put together by some of the leading ubuntu folks. 

6. And finally, hooray!! - The 100th issue of the UWN is out. Lots of
added special items including a podcast with Mark Shuttleworth
discussing the UWN, and a podcast that includes tyche and johnc4510
talking about the UWN with past and present editors. Lots of great
stuff, be sure to check it out!!  tyche and johnc4510, along with
boredandblogging and others, worked very hard on this issue, and
explains why they were missing from IRC for long periods of time. 
johnc4510 did the recordings, and edited out problem areas.  tyche did
the introductions and exits, and transcriptions of the podcasts. 
johnc4510 mentioned that tyche had a great speaking voice.  kennymc0
mentioned that tyche must have enjoyed it, since he complained so much. 
[ed. note:  Naw, tyche would NEVER do something like that.] 

johnc4510 then told the Team that he had emailed the person at ASU about
a location for the Open Source Conference.  That person didn't reply. 
However, lenards has been looking at a possible location in Mid-town. 
lenards said that there is a joint campus in downtown phoenix, in the
Van Buren and 7th St area.  It's a few buildings, including the Mercado
district on the corner of Van Buren and 7th.  It's a joint venture with
UA medical, ASU journalism, nursing and others, along with NAU.  The
area that he was looking at belongs mainly to ASU.  This can be seen at
http://www.asu.edu/tour/downtown/index.html and
http://www.asu.edu/tour/downtown/ucent.html.  The second is the
"University Center" - which looks like, given the information, might be
a solid location for the conference.  johnc4510 thanked lenards for the
information, and request that he pass the information on to xHans.

xHans then entered the channel, and the information was passed to him. 
A discussion took place as to the actual location of the building that
lenards was suggesting.  Further discussion was held about that
location, and possible other ones.  The requirements for the Open Source
Conference are a large room for the keynote speech, 3 to 4 classrooms
for presentations, and space for booths for sponsors, etc.  The large
room should hold about 200 to 300 people.  We also need wireless access
and projectors.  Since we are attempting to do this on $0, it was felt
that, for this year, we shouldn't charge for the booths.  This should be
done entirely on donations.  We would, of course, prominently advertise
the college as a sponsor of the Conference.  johnc4510 also mentioned
that if they say anything about cleanup and a charge, tell them we will
leave it as good or better than we find it.  lenards said that he knows
that one of the UA buildings is a theater space - if they're friendly,
we might be able to find someone for a keynote in another building...
PURL or Post Office building.  the auditorium he was talking about is
shown at http://www.asu.edu/tour/downtown/uaaud.html.  lenards mentioned
that he wasn't sure who to contact about the use of the space, but would
try to find out further information.  johnc4510 made sure that lenards
had the information on the Conference mailing list for the organizers.

xHans added announcements for PLUG:

 1. This Wed is the PLUG west side meeting at I-17 and Bell, we'll be
covering networking for the Ubuntu Desktop class and we'll also have a
presentation on Hobbit monitoring software  (see

 2. The InstallFest is this coming Saturday.

 3. Tell everyone to sign up for the OOo class!  It's online, so open to
those not in the Phoenix area.  Those out of state probably have to pay
more, though.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:59 PM.

== Credits ==
 * CraigAEddy
 * JohnCrawford

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