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Andrew Lenards andrew.lenards at gmail.com
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Tyche: I guess you were right... my tone wasn't good...

Here's Joseph's reply... I send it before at the bottom it has the reason
why the AZ LoCo was contacted.

lenards (andy)

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 Ok you are right. In the first place I thought I sent two because I was not
sure of the first.- I make mistakes and it is sometimes difficult for those
that do not make mistakes. I am not tech savvy and I thought this was some
kind of common problem. Like  two of the items I mentioned.

I have a cheap Emachine that I bought new a couple of months ago and that
came with Vista. I installed Ubuntu 8.04 I think. I am using Firefox, 3.0
and the machine is 32 bit.

Bloglines hijacked the blogs several weeks ago. I am sure you are well aware
of the methods used by some. You gotta use their service or you cannot go
on. You try to cancel and they mickey mouse you around,, you start over and
whatever. I could not get into either of the blogs unless I signed up with
Bloglines. I hollered all over the place, ubuntu etc. A day or so later I
finally could get in.

Later on the URL business. No I did not know I could google that. At any
rate, I figured it was Bloglines and I did the same hollering. It was gone
after a day or so.

Meanwhile the removal of the templete and the changing of my settings
continues. I still figure Bloglines because I still have the original setup
using my other XP computer. I have hollered all over the place, I have
received lists from Blogger with hundreds of questions (but no answers.) I
have tried to do the same with Ubuntu. Just didn't know how much information
was required. I have sinced opened two other blogs on Blogger to test. They
remain untouched by whoever.

I contacted Arizona because they are the closest to Hawaii. I am sure that
in the near future we will have an similar organization here. and perhaps I
will hve the opportunity to help in some small way. Thanks

Joseph Martel

On Aug 14, 2008, *andrew.lenards at gmail.com* wrote:

I don't mean to be rude - but sending this three is a bit much when you
haven't really established why you are contacting the Ubuntu Arizona LoCo.
Why us?  Why not any number of the other LoCos... or maybe you sent this out
to all of them..... at any rate - when you don't get an answer, repeating
the message is not the right response.  It should be - did I ask the
question in the right place?

Also - your message doesn't indicate that you thought about the problem.  I
don't know how tech savvy you are, but my previous message gives you several
avenues to approach.  If you want to illicit responses from Linux mailing
lists, you want to provide some proof that you've attempted to several the
problem.  Failing that, give us details.  You have given none.  You have an
Ubuntu machine, big deal.  What version of Ubuntu?  Is it Ubuntu or Kubuntu?
You are using browser-based tools - what browser are you using?  What
version of that browser are you using?  Is your machine 32-bit or 64-bit?

Nerds crave details - that's how you ferret out problems.  All you gave us
was some hectic, cryptic, vague message.  And that's why it didn't get an
answer originally...

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