[ubuntu-arizona] Ubuntu-Arizona Weekly Newsletter, Issue #14

Craig A. Eddy tyche at cox.net
Wed Sep 12 00:07:33 BST 2007

Welcome to the Ubuntu-Arizona Weekly Newsletter, Issue #14 for the week
September 12 - September 18, 2007.

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 * Fourteenth Edition
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 * Wednesday-September 12, 2007
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 * Next meeting: Sunday September 16, 2007  9:00PM  
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== Newsletter ==

=== Announcements ===

Greetings to all team members. We've got a lot of projects going on at
present. We are working on our CD project to be able to give out free
professional looking CD's to help advocate Ubuntu in the State Of
Arizona. We have SFD(Software Freedom Day) coming up, and we are in the
early stages of planning a Gutsy Gibbon Release Party. All this and
trying to qualify to Team Approval from the Community Council. So as you
can see, we are busy. If you are a member who has not been
participating, you're missing out on a lot of fun. The goal of our team
is to advocate for Ubuntu in Arizona, and we need everyones help to do
this. For the most part we all are using Ubuntu and Open Source because
we believe in it as a alternative to proprietary software. Ubuntu is
growing by quantum leaps every year, don't be left out by not
participating. Come join us and see what's going on, and how you can
help us make Ubuntu the number #1 operating system in the great State of
Arizona. Thanks

=== Summary of the September 9, 2007 meeting ===

The meeting was called to order at 9:05 PM.
There were no new members and no announcements.

John then began discussion of the Gutsy Gibbon Release Party.
The date of the release (October 18), the date of the party and the
location were discussed between the members.  This is an opportunity for
the Arizona Team to get together and have some fun.  We would like to
see a better turn-out for the next meeting, to get some ideas on whether
to have one party in Tuscon or one in Tuscon and one in Phoenix.  The
decision was tabled for the time being, and will resume next week
(September 16). Please consider joining the team in channel
(#ubuntu-arizona   server freenode) if your interested in this subject.

Next on the agenda was the Team Newsletter.  John asked for volunteers
to maintain it.  If no volunteers were forthcoming he would have to
maintain it himself.  It was determined by the lack of rush to volunteer
that he would take it on, but requested help in finding someone who
could take it over.  Addendum:  after the meeting tyche volunteered to
do the newsletter under supervision.

The third item on the agenda was the report on the Education Team
Summary.  br24 reported that he had set up the categories on the team
Education page.  Polygon89 is working on getting screencasts set up. 
jsonder and donchriscoe are also getting info on category apps, and
evilgourmet wants to help.  A meeting will be organized for the
Education team for coordination purposes will be held in the team
channel (#ubuntu-arizona) on Friday September 14, 2007  8:00 PM MST.
Anyone is welcome to attend and give input on this project.  

The fourth item was the Software Freedom Day.  SloggerKhan was not
available for comment due to other commitments, and John will get in
touch with him for information that needs to be relayed to others.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:30 PM

The Ubuntu-Arizona Team is open to everyone, and we hope you will join
us to help promote Ubuntu in Arizona!!

== Credits ==
 * ["CraigAEddy"]
 * ["Johnc4510"]

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