[ubuntu-arizona] Repeat due to Technical Difficulties: Ubuntu-Arizona Weekly Newsletter, Issue #17

Craig A. Eddy tyche at cox.net
Wed Oct 3 06:17:33 BST 2007

Welcome to the Ubuntu-Arizona Weekly Newsletter, Issue #17 for the week
September 26 - October 2, 2007.

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 * Seventeenth Edition
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 * Wednesday-October 3, 2007
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== Newsletter ==

=== Announcements ===

It's been a busy week trying to get the Gusty Release Parties rolling,
the arrival of the case badges, and the start up of a new sub-team to
handle install fests in Arizona. There is more detail on these
activities below, but I want to touch briefly on a couple of points. 1)
Any member who is signed up on the team launchpad page and the team
mailing list, is entitled to up to 2 of the case badges, free of charge.
2) Jeff Martin's new sub-team is concentrating at first in his area of
the state. A test run so to speak. As this evolves, we will be adding
install fests throughout the state. 3) The Gutsy Release Parties serve
several purposes. They help bring us together to get to know each other
better, they give us a chance to introduce new, potential members to
Ubuntu and our Loco, and they enable us to discuss the newest Ubuntu
version. So, start making your plans now to attend one of these release
parties, get to know your fellow team mates and learn how we are trying
to help improve computing for everyone in the State of Arizona.   

=== Summary of the September 30, 2007 meeting ===

At 9:02 PM UncleSam welcomed us to the Ubuntu Arizona LoCo Team Meeting.

No new members were present to be introduced.

John announced that he will be on vacation from Wednesday to Sunday of
this next week, but should be back for the next meeting. He will be
checking back from time to time. If you need him for anything either
leave him a message or email him at johnc4510-cox at ubuntu.com

The case badges are in. They came in this week (to see what they look
like, visit
These are very nice and very well made. John feels that everyone should
be happy with them. There are 495 badges available. Any member can have
up to 2 of them for free. For more than 2, please contact John. To
receive yours, send a self-addressed, stamped envelope with the quantity
requested (up to 2) to:

John Crawford

3009 W. Broadway Blvd. #20

Tuscon, AZ 85745

If you want more, please contact John sometime this week. the rest of
the case badges will be used as give-aways at Install Fests, Demos, and
anywhere we feel would help us to advocate Ubuntu.

Jeff Martin has started a sub-team project in the Kingman, Lake Havasu
area (see https://edge.launchpad.net/~mcc-ubuntu.   John will be setting
up a
sub-team project page for them. Jeff is setting up an Install Fest for
that area and is asking for volunteers. It doesn't appear that there is
anyone else in that area, but when we get the Education Team pages up
they should help with support by giving insight to the various
pre-installed programs and alternatives to them. Please join Jeff's team
at the launchpad link above and let's help support him in his project.
Congratulations, Jeff. Nice work! Jeff said that his Install Fest is
mostly for people to install and help others install and run single or
dual boot Ubuntu/Microsoft installations. He has had quite a bit of
interest in the distribution, and has handed out a few CDs. He is really
waiting for the Gutsy Gibbon final to start the install fest. In the
mean time, his sub-team project page will be where future install fests
will be posted. Jeff added that he would be willing to travel to
Flagstaff to help with any install fests up there.

Gutsy Gibbon Release Parties for Tucson and Phoenix. tyche has a
tentative place to hold the Phoenix Party. Desert Ridge Shopping Mall.
It has plenty of seating, is a nice place, has free wifi, and is right
off the 101 freeway. Also, food is available there. Best of all, no
reservations are necessary, and dress is casual. Of course, if someone
has a better idea, we are always open to suggestions. Please contact
tyche at his email address (tyche at cox.net) or
John. As for Tucson, John has sent an email to Bookman's requesting a
booking of their conference room on East Speedway. He has not heard back
from them yet, so he don't know for sure that it is free. Their web site
shows conflicting data. If it is not open, he have a couple of other
ideas. Again, if you have an idea, feel free to give it. These Gusty
Release Parties will be on Thursday, October 18th. Times are not
finalized yet, but should be around 7:00 PM local time. We will have
more on that later. These events will be open to members, their
significant others, and any friends or acquaintances who you think would
be interested in learning about the latest version of Ubuntu. In other
words, the more the merrier. So, once we get these set, i encourage
everyone to bring a friend and help us kick off the new version of
Ubuntu. Advocacy is one of the basic things the LoCo's are set up for,
and this is a great chance to advocate for Ubuntu in Arizona.

There were no further questions, and no one had anything else to discuss.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:18 PM

== Credits ==

* ["CraigAEddy"]

* ["Johnc4510"]

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