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Welcome to the Ubuntu-Arizona Weekly Newsletter, Issue #24 for the week
November 11 - November 18, 2007.


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      Twenty-Fourth Edition


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      Wednesday-November 21, 2007


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      Next meeting: Sunday November 25, 2007 9:00PM


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Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and we should all take time to remember our
family and friends as we gobble down our holiday meal. To me, you
members, are a part of my family. I will be keeping all of you in mind
as I celebrate the holiday with my immediate family. I wish you all a
Happy Thanksgiving!! This message brought to you by the head turkey, John.

        Summary of the November 18, 2007 meeting

Johnc4510 called the meeting to order at 9:02 PM

The first order of business was the introduction of new members and
visitors. There were no new members, but draker has been visiting our
IRC channel from #ubuntu-oregon. We welcomed him to the channel.

The next order of business was the server. enigmastrat has been working
on a prototype of a home page for the server. johnc4510 asked if he
could get it up on the server, for the rest of the team to critique. The
page can be seen at When the Team had
had a chance to see it, johnc4510 asked for suggestions. word suggested
making it a template for a CMS. Wolf_45 was happy with straight HTML,
and enigmastrat suggested PHP. No consensus was reached at that time,
and the matter was tabled for further discussion. We then began a
discussion of the look of the page. johnc4510 raised the question of
putting links down the right hand side of the page. enigmastrat directed
his attention to the links near the top of the page, that are
javascript. tyche commented that he thought it had been decided to put
the Team logo at the top of the page. Polygon89 suggested that the right
hand edge of the white area have a "torn page" effect, instead of the
mountains and cacti that were rotated 90 degrees look it has now. tyche
suggested that the page be centered more. johnc4510 added that the
center section could be expanded. It was decided to expand the page
width to 1024 pixels as being the most common monitor size normally used
today. The current page width is 800 pixels.

The next order of business was the Education Committee. Polygon89
mentioned that he didn't think his computer was powerful enough to do
screencasts, as he has been getting very low frame-per-second rates.
johnc4510 informed the Team that he and tyche had worked on the page (
https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ArizonaTeam/Teams/Education) on Saturday, and
invited the Team to look at it. The purpose of the Committee and the
page is for the education of new and prospective members. johnc4510 had
added a link under the introduction to a Gutsy Guide (
http://ubuntuguide.org/wiki/Ubuntu:Gutsy) that he recommends to
everyone. The next section is Ubuntu and we've add the installation link
and the upgrade link. The upgrade link is in house, but the installation
link isn't. It was felt that our time was better spent on providing
things that hadn't been addressed yet, and not trying to compete with
material that had already been done. The installing guide is very good
because it's in depth and has a lot of screenshot to go with it. In the
next sub header, accessibility thru Office, we have listed the apps
available at installation, with links to the home pages of each app, and
short descriptions. Now, it is our plan to add optional apps below, as
we go along. We wanted to get the pages going with the basic
information. johnc4510 invited the team to make suggestions.

As part of education, the possibility of setting up an email support
system had been suggested. Possibilities were discussed, including gmail
and mailman. The purpose of the email support would be to help those to
whom we've given LiveCD's, as well as new and prospective members. There
were concerns about privacy raised. Also concerns about the size of the
program(s) necessary to set up the program, since the size of the hard
drive on the server is limited. This was tabled until next week.

Colateral to setting up the Education page and using outside links was
the Ubuntu philosophy of sharing with others. tyche raised the issue of
offering material that we had originated to others. johnc4510 felt that
this would be a good idea.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:11 pm

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