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John Botscharow info at jbotscharow.com
Tue Jun 10 03:24:10 BST 2008

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On Mon, 9 Jun 2008 21:06:37 -0500
"Tommy Trussell" <tommy.trussell at gmail.com> wrote:

> On Mon, Jun 9, 2008 at 9:12 AM, John Botscharow
> <info at jbotscharow.com> wrote:
> > I am testing a new email client and since this list has little
> > activity, I thought I'd use it as my guinea pig.
> poor little guinea pig! well, at least it got some email now.
> BY THE WAY, I think you can learn more by sending email among various
> regular accounts instead of a list because email lists sometimes do
> strange things to messages. I start by sending mail to/from my regular
> account and gmail, and also to/from my ISP accounts. That way I can
> look at the headers if there's something really strange going on. At
> this point, wherever possible I use IMAP so it's easy to look at the
> SAME message from more than one client at a time.
> On the other hand, a couple of years ago I was embarrassed to learn I
> had an old ubuntu box with a misconfigured postfix (email server)
> setup. It was a "headless" server so I had installed the package
> emails all software update notices. (I can't remember what it's
> called.) Well, the postfix server was pounding at the door of a
> nonexistent account at my ISP every ten minutes for MONTHS before I
> noticed all the bounce messages on the server. At one point a support
> person implied I must have some sort of spambot running, and I
> indignantly told them it was not possible. Of course it's possible --
> but it was a dumb-bot instead. :-)
It was because this email client was not sending tha I decided to us
this list as a guinea pig. I also wanted to make sure that my pgp
signature worked and the lists are the only place I use those.

The problem turned out to be an extra period in the SMTP server
address. All is working well, thanks to you guinea pigs LOL

Sooooo - eeeeeee Go Hogs!

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