[LoCo-US-AL] Just wanted to say Hi

Clayton chanvey1 at bellsouth.net
Mon Sep 29 20:05:10 BST 2008

Hut Parker wrote:
> I have this homebuilt computer about 5-6 yrs. old and have now put
> Ubuntu on it ;; I think I'm going to like it ? Kind of reminds me of
> windows 3.1 alittle? 
> Well anyway just wanted to let you know there's another one of you out
> here,,
> Later
Hi Hut,
Welcome to the "club"

I build all of my computers and I have 2 home builts and a notebook on a 
network in my house.
Both dual  boot and I hardly ever boot to windozs. My main computer I 
hardly ever turn it off but I do let power management turn off the HD 
and monitor after about ten minutes to save wear & tear on it. Again 
welcome to Ubuntu.
By the way what version of Ubuntu are you running. Retiree, later

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