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Jason Sandlin crane.aswp at gmail.com
Fri Sep 26 14:20:58 BST 2008

We had a great meeting last night.I would like to thank everyone who showed
up for their perticipation.We covered a lot of needed topics and got a few
things set in motion. Nick (boredandblogging) from the Georgia team dropped
in as well. This is all bringing renewed excitement and momentum back to the
group. We will start having our regular weekly meetings again as well as try
to arrange some face to face gatherings in different locations to help get
things coordinated and moving.
 We had a couple of items we would like to clear up.

1st: We would like to verify that Thursday at 9:00PM is still a good time
for everyone to make it to irc meetings. If you would like to propose a new
time please let us know via mailing list or forums.If there are enough
suggestions we will have a poll on the forums to determine which is the

2nd: I will be looking at the map of Alabama Ubuntu
trying to set up a few places for physical meeting to be held. Please
sure to let us know if you are not on the map and we will get you added.
Again you can let us know via mailing list or the

Please remember that it is the people that drive this community. So help us
out in any way you can. Even just having a little input on the list, forums
or irc channel is most helpful and appreciated.

Jason Sandlin

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   Email @ info at alabamaubuntu.org
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