[LoCo-US-AL] Alabama LugFest Planning meeting invite

Henry K McBride II mcbrihk at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 15 16:23:20 BST 2008

I would like to invite all interested parties to the first planning meeting of the next alabama lugfest. We will have an IRC meeting on October 21st at 9:00 p.m.
If there are enough interested parties who can't make this time or day let me know and I will consider changing it. It will be in freenode in the #alabamalugfest room.

 1) Type of conference - Do we do it barcamp style or do it like the old ones were done? (depends on people involved)
 2) What dates are good?
 3) Based on the answer to #1 we can start assigning roles
 4) Schedule another meeting to start getting things rolling.

Henry McBride


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