[LoCo-US-AL] Weekly IRC Meeting Logs -- 10/02/2008

Jonathan Traylor jtraylor+ubuntu-us-al at networkinglinux.net
Fri Oct 3 07:35:48 BST 2008

This week's IRC meeting log now available online at:


Not many were present this week, but a few lines of discussion were
still had.

Local f2f (face to face) group meetings are in the planning stage for
Tuscaloosa. Contact michaelramm for more information.

InstallFest location and date still to be named. Discussion over where to
have it was brought up... So far, it seems Birmingham may have the most
visibly dense user base, although Tuscaloosa and Hunstville may consider
orgranizing a city local event to avoid transportation hazards.

More recruiting! This week I posted a craigslist community ad for the US
AL Ubuntu LoCo on the gadsden-anniston[1] site. If you use craigslist and
have a local site dedicated to your city, feel free to mention the AL
LoCo there to find similarly interested people in your area.

[1] http://gadsden.craigslist.org/grp/864456360.html

Perhaps everyone was watching the tube debates during this meeting, so
let's get ready for next week's meeting and pick up with InstallFest
discussion and progress forward to "meeting" the requirements for
bringing our team thru as an official LoCo recognized by Ubuntu's global



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