[LoCo-US-AL] Ubuntu on External USB Drive

Wayne Edgar zerovertex at gmail.com
Wed Oct 1 15:57:06 BST 2008

I have a Dell Latitude C160. It's an older laptop that does not have
built-in support for booting to USB devices. I have an internal hard drive
with Windows XP. I would like to load Ubuntu on the external HD for casual
use but I have to have XP for daily work tasks. If I install it this way,
(a) will GRUB see that USB drive and sucessfully boot to the drive without
the BIOS support for booting to USB and (b) will I still be able to boot to
the internal HD *without* the USB drive hooked up?

I'm also going to post this on Ubuntu Forums so I'll relay any response to
the mailing list. Thanks.

Wayne Edgar


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