[LoCo-US-AL] Please help; I am totally confused with this LINUX O.S.

Leon Johnston johnston88 at bellsouth.net
Mon Jun 2 00:51:08 BST 2008

     I am reading the manuals, the forum lists, and everything I can get
my hands on, but all I can get is nothing! I think that there is so much
info available that I am just swamped by it all. I'm coming from XP Pro
and that, of course, is part of my problem; I am 75 years old and that
is another part of my problem. But I have used computers for years and a
long time back used UNIX with the mainframes. I have a sick wife
(Alzheimers) who is constantly interrupting my computer work, so that
further complicates my problems.

     I am running on a Dell platform with my LINUX O.S. installed
alongside the XP O.S. I had little problems loading LINUX on the Dell
platform. But I cannot upgrade anything for some reason or the other;
the upgrade manager just will not work and I get an error message that
says to report this problem; well, how is that done? There seems to be
nothing to explain how I may do that and this is the major problem I am
having with LINUX. My Dell has over 3 Gigs of RAM and I have three hard
drives with hundreds of megabytes of memory available on them. I have
one of these hard drives dedicated to LINUX. This system seems to be
perfect for LINUX, yet I am absolutely stonewalled regarding how to do
things. The up-grade manager will not work and again the error message
says to report this; well, fine, but HOW? And, in addition, I cannot
send e-mail; I receive it okay, but cannot send the stuff........

     I accessed the map UBUNTU map thingy, but cannot place my own
location on the thing and there are no instructions on how to do this.
The map I got indicated a person over in Mobile, which might be a good
contact for me to get help with all of this, but how in the world do I
do this? Over in Mobile is the LALUG (Lower Alabama LINUX Users Group)
that meets regularly, but because of my wife's condition I am unable to
get to those so far. 

            Perhaps this gives you an idea of the extent of my problems,
I hope so. I've got to get some help soon, or give this up and I reckon
move to the APPLE system. I cannot return to the Microsoft programs. I
really like LINUX, but have found that learning this is far more complex
than I assumed. I need someone to talk me out of the problems I
currently have, someone whom I may contact over the phone or internet
who can explain what I am doing wrong and guide me in the correct

Thanks for listening,

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