[LoCo-US-AL] Linux Proficiency

Michael Ramm michaelramm at tuxaloosa.org
Fri Dec 19 04:06:50 GMT 2008

I am not a goals kind of guy, but I have decided that in 2009, I would
like to become proficient in the Linux operating system.

What exactly does that mean? I am not really sure, and that is why I
bring the question to the lists.

I have been using Linux full time on my work laptop since late 2007. So
I am at about 1 year of using Linux everyday. I am light years ahead of
where I was when I decided to move to Ubuntu. I have stayed with Ubuntu
on my work laptop, but my desktops at home have seen Ubuntu, Crunchbang
[1] and Arch Linux on them. I have settled on Crunchbang 8.10 for my
desktop, and possibly my next work laptop.

When I first started thinking of metrics that I can use to measure
proficiency, I thought of some sort of Linux certification. There are
two Linux certifications that I found. CompTIA Linux+[2] and Linux
Professional Institute [3] has a three level certification program as
well. I am thinking that I would not get the actual certification, but
instead just pass some of the practice tests. I have heard from a
twitter friend who is also a Linux trainer that both of those certs are
out of date.

What are your thoughts on metrics for Linux proficiency? What can I use
to gauge my progress through this trek?

Thanks for your help.


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