[LoCo-US-AL] Proprietory Graphics card driving me up a wall!!!

Roger Quarles rogerquarles at gmail.com
Wed Aug 20 15:36:57 BST 2008

Have you tried to use the EnvyNG installer?

You can install it in Synaptic Package Management.

 After you install EnvyNG it will be in your Aplications->System Tools menu


On Tue, Aug 19, 2008 at 10:59 PM, Josh Sandifer <podmod101 at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Hey, (Please excuse my long email, I honestly tried to make it short!)
> My name is Josh Sandifer and I have been using ubuntu for a while now (love
> it)
> and have gotten sick of this ongoing problem I have had from the first
> install I ever
> loaded on my computer. I have an M-ALX Alienware laptop... I know I know...
> I
> shouldn't have expected to much from "bleeding edge" (not that "bleeding
> edge"
> anymore bought it last year) hardware with a Unix distro but I was really
> just
> using it to develop some software and to do some web design for a
> company...
> But now I want to implement my 2 512Mb SLI Nvidia 7900 GTX GO cards
> on my ubuntu distro and I cant seem to find the correct drivers for these
> cards... All I can deduce is that Alienware is providing some proprietory
> driver for these cards that Nvidia doesn't even have listed on their site.
> (I have to
> go to Alienware for the graphics drivers in Windows XP) So I found you
> and I live in Mississippi... not that close I know but the closest that i
> can find
> living here ; ) I'm just looking for some direction I guess... I'm even
> crazy enough
> to develop my own drivers to interface with Ubuntu if neccessary, but I'm
> not so
> familar with the under the hood stuff in it yet (Mainly because I haven't
> played with the kernel)
> Please excuse the long winded explanation! I am just desparate for help and
> I
> haven't gotten involved as I want to be in the ubuntu, or any distro,
> community. So
> why not start now?! Maybe I can help someone else out one day to return the
> favor.
> I want to understand all this better so bad!! I just wish there was a linux
> community
> here in Jackson, MS but to my knowledge this isn't so.... Please HELP!!!
> Just some extra info:
> I obviously ran into problems on the install of Ubuntu because of the
> graphics issue.
> My only solution thus far is to just reconfigure the Xorg.conf file in the
> shell after booting
> for the first time after the install and make it run a generic driver,
> nv... This is okay to
> certain extent as I obviously cant do much graphically without 3D support!!
> I mainly would
> like to have access to games, desktop "eye candy" like Beryl, ect., but
> after about 8 months
> of trying I'm throwing in the towel and begging for some long awaited
> help!!
> thanks,
> Josh
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