[LoCo-US-AL] Hardy Heron 8.04 Release Party/ Install Fest

Jason Sandlin crane.aswp at gmail.com
Tue Apr 8 06:18:32 BST 2008

Hello to everyone out there in Ubuntu-Alabama land! The time of the next
great offering from Ubuntu is upon us. Let' shave a party! or Install-fest
to be more precise. Now I can burn some CD's with no problems. I can even
make some literature to hand out. So what do we need? PEOPLE! Here is where
I am at.
 The Distro is scheduled to be released April 24th. I would like to have an
install-fest the following Saturday, April 26th. That is where I need help.
I have a T-ball game the 26th at 2 PM. So I could be at the install-fest
until 12-12:30ish. After that I would have to leave. (Sorry, But I will not
plan on missing my sons game). This really should't be a problem  if we have
enough people show.
 So could I get a show of hands from those who feel like they may attend?
(be sure to bring friends) BALU (Birmingham Area Linux Users) Will be
helping out some as well and we really hope to draw a crowd. I will post
info on lacatino as soon as I have something set. I plan on working on the
location tomorrow.

 Lets show them the Alabama group is still kicking!


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