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Jason Sandlin crane.aswp at gmail.com
Mon Oct 1 19:47:09 BST 2007

Now that I am thinking about this I would like to bounce a couple ideas off
of everyone. I have been thinking about making a Banner for the Ubuntu LoCo
group and I plan on starting to work on some CD's  as soon as Gutsy is
released so maybe we will have a better looking CD to offer. I plan on
requesting a conference pack from Ubuntu as well. I would like to try and
make the booth look a little more professional this year. I would like to
really draw in a crowd for the Booth. The BALU group always does real good
at spreading the word so lets see if the Ubuntu LoCo can't help them out.
This event is always a lot of fun and it seems Tech Birmingham is pushing to
make it a better experience then last time.
 Is anyone in this group interested in helping out or attending? Lets really
work together and draw a crowd this year!
Maybe even take donations for getting other swag made. (pens, lights, etc)
Just a couple ideas.
Any suggestions?

Jason Sandlin

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