[LoCo-US-AL] The blog has been created

Michael Ramm michael at 1manit.net
Sun Nov 4 04:06:47 GMT 2007

Scott and I have gotten the blog up and running. It is located at:


The email address for it will be info at alabamaubuntu.org. Please use this
address on any and all literature that we make. That email will be deliver
to Jason, Scott and I (and maybe others in the future).

You may not be able to get to it goes it can take up to 72 hrs to
propagate throughout the whole internet.

Now, we need some writers! Jason, Scott and I will be writing, but we want
as many people as possible to be contributing to this blog.

So, if you want to write, please send me an email and I will set you up as
a user on the blog. Scott will be finishing the design and we will have it
uploaded hopefully by Monday.


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