Ubuntu-us-ak Just signed up for the mailing list.

Dennis W. Fowler dwf at starband.net
Sun Oct 7 23:48:47 BST 2007

I'm a 28yr old aircraft mechanic living in the bush (Port Alsworth) since  

Ive been using Ubuntu for about a year, I'm thinking about reformatting my  
windows partition since i haven't used it since then.

I was asked to introduce myself, not sure what all is wanted, if you have  
any questions feel free to ask.

Ive talked to a couple of the guys on irc and was encouraged to sign up  
for the mailing list.  I just realized that I'm not really sure what the  
purpose of this group is.  Is the goal to promote Ubuntu?  Is it just a  
group of people with computers and geography in common?  Just curious  
since I'm new here.


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