Ubuntu-us-ak Introduction

Robert Karabelnikoff rwk at frostbytesolutions.com
Fri Aug 24 11:19:41 BST 2007

Hello all , 

Just wanted to introducing myself here. 
I'm Robert "Bob" Karabelnikoff, Bob K for short.  I'm a life long
Alaskan. Born and Raised in Anchorage , currently residing in Wasilla. 

When I'm not dealing with health issues, I'm a starving(self employed)
web developer / geek for hire.  I've been using Linux for 12 years now I
was Introduced to Slackware in '95 in the spring I think, prior to
windows 95 coming out(which ironically was released August 24, 1995)
and used slack as my primary OS until about a year ago. Then after
waking up from a meningitis induced coma, found Ubuntu on my system, and
been using it since. (Now the marketing types can say "Even those
suffering from severe brain inflammation can use Ubuntu", I'll be there
walking proof, maybe we can use this in some marketing material.)  
Made a appearance on IRC  and believe that I may instigated a Meet &
Greet over coffee to be happening tomorrow at Jitters at 5pm in Eagle
River.  Looking forward to that. But during the discussion, GCI deprived
me and my fellow valley cable modem users of Internet access.  
So not exactly sure who is going to show up. 

Bob K    

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