[Bug 522644] Re: [needs-packaging] please package ffgtk

Rolf Leggewie launchpad.net at rolf.leggewie.biz
Thu Feb 18 17:36:56 GMT 2010

With the door to lucid closed, I have now come to the conclusion that
the possibility of contributing packages to Ubuntu as an outsider
(somebody without an @ubuntu.com address) is nothing but an illusion.
All one gets is non-timely comments indicating they withhold endorsement
because there is no ticket on Launchpad being closed.

I've tried the process three times, it failed three times despite ample
time. All I can remember from the experience is being given silly run-
arounds like "replace (C) with ©" which should not block progress in
Ubuntu. The comments as such were helpful and usually implemented within
hours only to see everything stalling for weeks to months again

I've come to the conclusion that unfortunately, my efforts were wasted a
third time and thus withdraw this request (alongside my aspiration to
contribute packages straight to Ubuntu). I'll simply build the package
locally and reconsider uploading it to a PPA once my mood improves.
Contributing to Debian was supposedly difficult, but it's actually quite
easy even if I'm not a user. Contributing to Ubuntu OTOH only seems to
be for the masochist with time to waste.

** Changed in: ubuntu
       Status: New => Won't Fix

[needs-packaging] please package ffgtk
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