[Bug 521836] Re: Sync iulib 0.4-1 (universe) from Debian experimental (main)

Bernhard Reiter ockham at raz.or.at
Mon Feb 15 13:11:14 GMT 2010

Rationale: OCR is rather deplorable currently in Ubuntu. Among the
available programs, ocropus seems to offer the widest range of features
and possibly, best out-of-the-box OCR quality. Paticularly integration
into gscan2pdf (available as of 0.9.30, though still a work in progress)
might offer reasonably easy (GUI-driven) access to users. As ocropus
depends on iulib, I'm suggesting to upgrade iulib for Lucid, in order to
have the chance to also fix bug #500527 as soon as ocropus 0.4 itself as
been packaged (for the ongoing effort, see here: http://hg.debian.org/hg
/collab-maint/ocropus), and so to have proper OCR support in this LTS

Sync iulib 0.4-1 (universe) from Debian experimental (main)
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