[Bug 521121] Re: [needs-packaging] txAWS

Mathias Gug mathiaz at ubuntu.com
Fri Feb 12 23:18:54 GMT 2010

Here a some comments:

* The source package should be name txaws since this is the upstream
name.  The binary package should be name python-txaws as required by the
Debian python policy.

* There should be only one entry in the debian/changelog file.

* Missing man pages for all commands in /usr/bin/.

* aws-status is a gui application. It should be package a separate
binary package with proper dependencies on relevant python modules
(example python gtk).

* Don't put the VCS-* header in the control file since these are used to
point to the *packaging* branch not the upstream branch.

* Bump the standard version to 3.8.4.

* Only build depend on python instead of python-dev since the software
is pure python.

[needs-packaging] txAWS
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