[Bug 119982] Re: amd64 vncconfig crashes

Michael Terry michael.terry at canonical.com
Fri Oct 16 21:24:53 BST 2009

OK, here's the story.  At one point, Debian's maintainer decided to
embed XFree86 into the package because it didn't quite work with xorg.
But when that version percolated to Ubuntu, we decided we'd rather use
xorg, so we rebased vnc4 on xorg.  (the particulars are not clear to me
-- I'm scraping this together from bug reports and changelogs)

Since then, the Debian packaging has changed a lot to keep up with the
times.  The Ubuntu packaging not so much.  Nowadays, there are several
issues when building our package (it embeds xorg 1.0.2, while Karmic is
on 1.6; its xorg uses obsolete automake scripts which causes errors; it
references very old packages in the Build-Depends line (including one
that no longer exists)).

David's report to Debian got summarily closed because he was using our
Ubuntu version.  I've opened a new bug about this patch, noting again
that Red Hat had the same problem.  Hopefully it won't be closed.  Will
update the Debian bug task when their bts assigns my bug a number.

So ideally, our packaging would be updated to the new xorg and fix the
various build issues.  Realistically, that's not happening before Karmic
(we're too close to release and it would not just be a bug fix at that
point).  It may be possible to get the package into shape, but only on a
superficial level (would still use ancient xorg).

Omer, thanks for the patch.  One tip is that you should use patch tags
rather than prose
(https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/PatchTaggingGuidelines).  But
I was delighted to see any description of the patch at all.  :)  Also,
rather than apply a patch that doesn't unapply itself when running
'clean', it's just as fine to apply the patch directly if the package
doesn't have a patch system.

So, I'm not applying anything yet.  To fix this for Karmic, we'd have to
have a patch that removed the mesa-swx11-source Build-Depend (I think
it's a safe removal?) and that added a patch to the embedded xorg
configure.ac (the current package has an example patch to xorg already
-- just copy that pattern) to fix use of AC_SUBST (ala
commit/2008-April/015845.html).  There may be more issues lurking.

And that's the story of why this bug has managed to stuck around over
several major releases.

amd64 vncconfig crashes
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