[Bug 439691] Re: please sync pycryptopp-0.5.17 from Debian

Zooko O'Whielacronx zooko at zooko.com
Sat Oct 3 13:56:54 BST 2009

Reading FreezeExceptionProcess, since this is a bug fix only update,
then all I need to provide is the ChangeLog and rationale, right?

Here is the ChangeLog from 0.5.15 to 0.5.17 (that fabrice_sp already

2009-09-15  Zooko O'Whielacronx  <zooko at zooko.com>

        * release pycryptopp-0.5.17

        * publickey/rsamodule.cpp, publickey/ecdsamodule.cpp,
hash/sha256module.cpp, cipher/aesmodule.cpp: fix a segfault bug when
sizeof(size_t) > sizeof(int) (not exploitable); thanks Nathan Wilcox and
Brian Warner. ticket #19 2009-09-15  Zooko O'Whielacronx
<zooko at zooko.com>

2009-07-27  Zooko Wilcox-O'Hearn  <zooko at zooko.com>

        * release pycryptopp-0.5.16

        * setup.py, misc/: a few improvements to the build/packaging

Before 0.5.16, I didn't keep a ChangeLog (I'm the upstream maintainer of
pycryptopp) but here is a view on my trac of all darcs commits between
0.5.14 and 0.5.15:

There were no changes to pycryptopp itself in 0.5.15.  The only change
was to the convenience copy of libcryptopp that is bundled inside the
pycryptopp upstream source tree.  (Also there was one change to a unit

The URL to my trac above yields a page with the following text on it:


12:42 Changeset [659] by zooko@…
    TAG pycryptopp-0.5.15 
12:41 Changeset [658] by zooko@…
    doc: bump date stamp on README.txt 
06:55 Changeset [657] by zooko@…
    SHA-265: apply patch from Wei Dai to fix incorrect answers and CPU … 


18:03 Changeset [656] by "Brian Warner <warner@…
    test_sha256: add test of various chunk sizes to investigate ticket #24 


14:36 Changeset [655] by zooko@…
    TAG pycryptopp-0.5.14 
14:36 Changeset [654] by zooko@…
    docs: small updates to README.txt

please sync pycryptopp-0.5.17 from Debian
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