[Bug 317127] Re: evtouch calibrate tool does not detect mouse position

Zander deus-ex-zander at hotmail.com
Sat May 23 03:27:56 BST 2009

Hi everyone, I applied the patch and could happily drag things arround
and draw on my hp tx1000, but I also have that problem that it takes a
little while (about half a second) between the time I touch the screen
and slide the pen and the time the holded click is applied, in any way,
like dragging a window arround or dragging images in firefox and so on.

Also, almost randomly, the computer "freezes" whenever I use the
touchscreen, but it isn't actually frozen: any running process (like a
song being played or a disk being burned) keeps going until its
completed, but then nothing else happens (like playing the next song on
the list), and while those processes keep running, any input won't do
anything and the image on the screen is frozen, but i cant tell wheter
compiz or the X server was stoped/paused or just the image isn't
rendered any more.

Also, back in Ubuntu 8.10, and in 9.04 before I applied the patch, it
wouldn't froze at all, however, it also froze the same way in Ubuntu
8.10 when I used the manufacturer's driver, the "touchkit", instead of
evtouch, so, could it be a hardware related issue somehow?

I have a HP TX1332 tablet, eGalax 12.2" touchscreen, wich is connected
internally via usb (that's all i know about it)  and 64-bit Ubuntu (I
don't know if the architecture matters at all, but i'll say it just in

Finally, i'm not a native english speaker, so sorry for any bad english.
Thank you.

evtouch calibrate tool does not detect mouse position
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