[Bug 339554] Re: debian/control: Description shows duplicate lines

Savvas Radevic vicedar at gmail.com
Mon Mar 9 10:35:16 GMT 2009

OK, after talking with hyperair on #ubuntu-motu about this:
- uploaders.mk does actually change the debian/control.in to debian/control

- Commenting out (in debian/rules) DISABLE_UPDATE_UPLOADERS and removing the '-e "s#@GNOME_TEAM@#$(UPLOADERS)#g" \' part, then debian/rules attempts to change debian/control.in again, but doesn't change the @GNOME_TEAM@ (it basically overwrites the already changed debian/control).
(This could be easily fixed using sed -i -e 's/.../.../' debian/control)

- By using DISABLE_UPDATE_UPLOADERS we disable this, and give more power
to the maintainer to handle changes and @tags@ in debian/control.in

debian/control: Description shows duplicate lines
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