[Bug 321940] Re: Please upgrade ebox-dhcp to 0.12.2

David Futcher david.futcher at bobbo.me.uk
Tue Jan 27 17:25:25 GMT 2009

Javier. I have a few comments about the diff.gz that I feel need fixed
before I can upload the package for you. Nothing particularly important,
but just things it would be good to look at.

1 - You mention you drop the dpatch dependency, but don't give a
rationale for removing it. I notice the debian/patches dir has been
removed. Is the old patch no longer necessary? If so it would be better
to have a changelog entry like:

  * Remove dpatch patchsys, as patch is no longer necessary
     - debian/control: Remove dpatch from Build-Depends
     - debian/patches: Remove all patches

2 - There is a lot of PPA entries in the ChangeLog that shouldnt be
there. Also the changelog doesnt seem to match up with the current
version in Ubuntu. Please make sure you are applying your changes
against the latest version in Ubuntu (0.11.99-0ubuntu2).

3 - You mis-spelled "standards" in the changelog, minor, but better if
it is fixed. There is also no need to have the word "Closes" before the
launchpad bug number. That top line should read simply "* New upstream
release. (LP: #321940)"

4 - You should put a Homepage field in debian/control.

Apart from that, the patch looks ok. Please re-subscribe ubuntu-
universe-sponsors when you have dealt with the issues above.

Please upgrade ebox-dhcp to 0.12.2
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