[Bug 304212] Re: please sync treecc 0.3.8-1 (universe) from debian (testing)

Colin Watson cjwatson at canonical.com
Sun Jan 25 01:59:02 GMT 2009

Somebody needs to upload this package either to Debian (and then ask us
once again to sync it to Ubuntu), or to Ubuntu. Jonas, if you want to
maintain this package, you'll need to get sponsorship by the usual means
(debian-mentors@ can help in the Debian case; ubuntu-motu@ can help in
the Ubuntu case; in both cases, search the web for documentation on the

Until it's reuploaded to a current distribution, no action is possible
on this bug, and so I'm unsubscribing ubuntu-archive. Once it's been
uploaded, feel free to resubscribe us.

please sync treecc 0.3.8-1 (universe) from debian (testing)
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