[Bug 317894] Re: grandr not in menu

Jacob Peddicord jpeddicord at ubuntu.com
Mon Jan 19 16:50:20 GMT 2009


Odd, I tried using [ -f Makefile ] earlier and it didn't work, but it
seems to be working fine now. Changed.

I'm not entirely sure why the source Makefiles are changing in the
diffs, but it could be because of an automake version difference (see
the comments at the top of the diff about automake). This is actually
present in the in the current version in the archives as well.

Reset Standards-Version and the Build-Depends lines.

I changed the desktop comment because it sounded repetitive to have a
name and comment with "screens" used twice, but since it really sounds
fine as it was I've changed it back to reduce noise. :)

The source package does not include an icon at all, and the one it was
previously referencing in the desktop file did not exist. I chose
display because it was the most obvious choice and looks to be already
present in most icon themes.

I'll file those Debian bugs in a little bit.
Let me know if anything else needs changed. I think I'm learning more about packaging in this report than I have been reading wiki pages. :P

Thanks again,

** Attachment added: "grandr_0.1+git20080326-1ubuntu2.debdiff"

grandr not in menu
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