[Bug 316824] Re: [needs-packaging] Please package Micropolis for Jaunty

amano jyaku at gmx.net
Tue Jan 13 17:41:27 GMT 2009

** Description changed:

  Micropolis is the open-sourced version of the venerable SimCity. It was
  open-sourced in order to be shipped with the OLPC in the third world and
  this got a LOT of media coverage.
  The rebranded original source code had some quirks and had to be adapted
  to current Linux infrastructures. Michael Gernoth adaped and patched the
  code to get it running next to flawlessly on current machines. A site
  with the current code can be found here:
  http://alanbshepard70.googlepages.com/micropolis.html . I attached the
- source code above.
+ source code below.
  Please don't compile the original source code, since that will
  reintroduce a lot of bugs!

[needs-packaging] Please package Micropolis for Jaunty
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