[Bug 316777] Re: Please remove snes9express from jaunty

amano jyaku at gmx.net
Tue Jan 13 15:29:31 GMT 2009

** Tags added: needs-packaging

** Description changed:

  Binary package hint: snes9express
  In the repos many different old versions of snes9x can be found. There
  is currently a new version (1.51) available in a Launchpad PPA:
  It is actively maintained, which cannot be said from the cruft which is
  currently in the Ubuntu repos.
  That (semi-official) GTK+ port of Snes9x has even advanced features like
  NTSC filters (to have the same look for your games like they did on your
  TV set).
  Snes9x and ZSNES are the only advanced SNES emulator that are worth
  keeping in the repos. Please clean up the other SNES emulators. Above
  all the old Snes9x versions should be removed since they can be
  considered partly broken cruft.
  Further information:
  1) My version: Ubuntu 8.10
  2)  snes9express (1.42-5) in intrepid, currently senselessly updated to snes9express 1.42-7ubuntu1 by James Westby for Jaunty
  3) A current Snes9x (with GUI) version should be offered in Add/Remove...
- 4) Ancient versions are offered to be installed
+ 4) Old versions of deprecated emulators are offered to be installed

Please remove snes9express from jaunty
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