[Bug 275375] Re: Please sync deluge (1.0.7.dfsg-3) from Debian experimental

Andrew Starr-Bochicchio a.starr.b at gmail.com
Mon Jan 12 16:10:10 GMT 2009

libtorrent-rasterbar has been synced.

** Description changed:

  Sync request:
- Please note that libtorrent-rasterbar (0.14.1-1) must also be synced
- from Debian Experimental for this to build. Please see (and sponsor) Bug
- #315152
- I have built and tested both packages in my PPA (https://edge.launchpad.net/~andrewsomething/+archive).
+ I have built and tested this package in my PPA (https://edge.launchpad.net/~andrewsomething/+archive).
  deluge (1.0.7.dfsg-3) experimental; urgency=low
    * Add dummy package deluge-torrent for clean upgrades (Closes:
   -- Cristian Greco <cristian.debian at gmail.com>  Wed, 07 Jan 2009
  21:55:45 +0100
  deluge (1.0.7.dfsg-2) experimental; urgency=low
    * Add deluge-core Depends: on python-pkg-resources (Closes: #510452).
    * Update 002-Do_not_check_for_update_as_default.dpatch to disable also
      alerts about new releases.
   -- Cristian Greco <cristian.debian at gmail.com>  Sun, 04 Jan 2009
  03:02:31 +0100
  deluge (1.0.7.dfsg-1) experimental; urgency=low
    * New Maintainer (acknowledged by Adam Cécile).
      - Thanks to Adam Cécile for his work.
    * New upstream version (Closes: #499850, #501078).
    * Upstream tarball has been repackaged due to non dfsg-compliant copyright
      statement in file deluge/data/GeoIP.dat (see README.source).
    * debian/control:
      - source and binary packages renamed from deluge-torrent to deluge, as
        requested by upstream authors;
      - depends on python-libtorrent and do not build the embedded copy of
      - deluge package is "Architecture: all", not "any";
      - drop package deluge-torrent-common;
      - do not recommends python-gtkmozembed because it is not used at all;
      - rewrite short and full description to describe the daemon/client model.
      - split deluge in five different packages: deluge-core (which contains the
        deluged daemon), deluge-common (which contains common data files for all
        UIs) and one single package for each UI (with 'deluge' being the default
        GTK+ ui) -- see README.Debian for details;
      - the new deluge-core package Conflicts/Replaces deluge-torrent-common.
    * debian/compat, debian/control, debian/rules: switch to debhelper 7 and
      rewrite debian/rules for scratch because we don't need to build the
      embedded copy of libtorrent-rasterbar.
    * debian/copyright: file rewrote from scratch (Closes: #488155).
    * debian/watch: added file.
    * debian/links: deleted file.
    * debian/menu: minor changes.
    * debian/patches:
      - delete 000-Fix_tray_icon.dpatch;
      - delete 001-Fix_CFLAGS_handling.dpatch;
      - refresh 002-Do_not_check_for_update_as_default.dpatch;
      - add 001_fix_import_libtorrent.dpatch -- see description for details.
    * added README.Debian and README.source files.
    * get rid of manpage deluge.1 and the .desktop file because they are now
      shipped by upstream.
    * get rid of lintian override 'menu-icon-missing' because now upstream ships
      an xpm icon.
    * add a lintian-overrides file for the new deluge package.
    * upload to experimental.
   -- Cristian Greco <cristian.debian at gmail.com>  Tue, 16 Dec 2008
  17:08:57 +0100
  Original report:
  Binary package hint: deluge-torrent
  Release notes: http://forum.deluge-torrent.org/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=9875
  Changelog: http://svn.deluge-torrent.org/branches/1.0.0_RC/ChangeLog
  Deluge is available in the deluge-team PPA at http://launchpad.net
  What's new:
      * Core/ui split allowing Deluge to run headless as a daemon
      * A redesigned GTK interface
      * Migration to the upcoming libtorrent 0.14 release
      * Stability improvements across the board
      * New codebase which will allow for growth and less bugs
      * A much improved queuing system
      * New bugs for you to find
      * And so much more.. Try it and see for yourself!
      * Your preferences will not be migrated, but your torrent list should be.
      * Not all plugins have been ported yet and some have been integrated into the client.
        If you need support for RSS or Scheduler, then please stick with the 0.5.x branch
        until these plugins can be properly ported to 1.x
      * Deluge will start in 'Classic Mode' where daemon functionality will be hidden
        in the gtkui. You can disable this in the Preferences->Interface page, but
        it does require a restart of Deluge.

Please sync deluge (1.0.7.dfsg-3) from Debian experimental
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