[Bug 305539] [NEW] REGRESSION in ffmpeg support in transcode

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Thu Jan 8 23:33:16 GMT 2009

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Please consider this SRU for Intrepid.

This is entirely my fault, I'm afraid. I can only apologise and offer a
fix now. A patch I applied to fix an FTBFS in the Intrepid cycle had a
typo in it. This causes transcode to fail to encode using ffmpeg in some
circumstances (I haven't pinned down exactly which, but I do have a
simple testcase).


Using the intrepid version of transcode,  2:1.0.2-0.8ubuntu10: Find an
AVI, call it /path/to/file.avi. Call transcode thus:

  transcode -i path/to/file.avi -y ffmpeg -F mjpeg -N 0x2000

This should transcode the file into mjpeg video and AC3 audio, and send
both to /dev/null. Observe the following error:

  transcode: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/transcode/export_ffmpeg.so:
undefined symbol: avcodec_regisiter_all

Install the proposed SRU version,  2:1.0.2-0.8ubuntu10.1 (debdiff at
and run the same command. The video is transcoded as expected:

  [transcode] encoded 11708 frames (0 dropped, 0 cloned), clip length
390.66 s


The functionality is totally broken at the moment, so any regression
potential is minimal, barirng some unexpected interaction with other
parts of the program. The benefits (being able to encode in more cases)
outweigh these miniscule risks.

The bug will be fixed in Jaunty by upgrading to the new upstream version
(bug #311202), which includes the correct version of this same patch.

** Affects: transcode (Ubuntu)
     Importance: Undecided
         Status: Confirmed

REGRESSION in ffmpeg support in transcode
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