[Bug 313428] [NEW] Please sync wicd 1.5.7-2 (universe) from Debian unstable (main).

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Sat Jan 3 10:45:57 GMT 2009

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 affects ubuntu/wicd
 status new
 importance wishlist
 subscribe ubuntu-universe-sponsors

Please sync wicd 1.5.7-2 (universe) from Debian unstable (main).

Changelog since current jaunty version 1.5.7-1:

wicd (1.5.7-2) unstable; urgency=high

  [ David Paleino ]
  * debian/rules:
    - passing --lib to configure, moving files in /usr/share/wicd
      (Closes: #510461)
    - also removing other/55wicd in clean target
    - binary-arch target emptied, not using it
  * debian/prerm removed:
  * debian/postinst updated:
  * debian/postrm updated:
    - fix double-{starting,stopping} of wicd
    - forcibly reload dbus upon installation or removal
  * debian/default added.
  * debian/init updated:
    - allow to disable the daemon in /etc/default/wicd.

  [ Bernd Zeimetz ]
  * debian/rules:
    - run dh_pysupport before dh_installinit, so Python modules will be
      compiled before the daemon starts (Closes: #510457)
    - call setup.py configure and install with appropriate options, so the
      modules are installed in the private module directory properly
      (Closes: #510462).
  * debian/patches/04-fix-scripts.patch:
    - set PYTHONPATH while executing script so Python will find them
      in the private directory (Closes: #510308)

 -- David Paleino <d.paleino at gmail.com>  Fri, 02 Jan 2009 18:20:29 +0100

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** Affects: wicd (Ubuntu)
     Importance: Wishlist
         Status: New

Please sync wicd 1.5.7-2 (universe) from Debian unstable (main).
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