[Bug 250973] Re: Create Package: proxychains version 3.1

Emilio buhitoescolar at gmail.com
Sat Feb 28 00:31:42 GMT 2009


1- Get a proxy, or make your own with a ssh tunnel (ssh -D 9090 user at server.com will give you a socks5 proxy on port 9090, localhost)
2- Configure proxychains to use that proxy (edit /etc/proxychains, set the proxy up, and disable the DNS proxyfication, it usually doesn't work well, it's an app problem. You can do that by commenting proxy_dns in the file)
3- Run an app through proxychains, by issuing "proxychains command" on a console. For example, proxychains firefox launches firefox using the proxy, and proxychains wget http://www.google.com/ downloads google index through the proxy.

That's it :)

Create Package: proxychains version 3.1
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