[Bug 334164] [NEW] [jaunty] Please update gwget to 1.0.1 version

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Wed Feb 25 18:35:38 GMT 2009

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2009-02-17  David Sedeño <david at alderia.com>

	* configure.ac: Version 1.0.1
	* NEWS: news for 1.0.1

2009-02-15  David Sedeño <david at alderia.com>
	* src/gwget_data.h: don't make gwget_pref be extern (fix the epiphany
	* epiphany-extension/ephy-gwget-extension.c: Send the destination dir
	var in the call to gwget.
	* epiphany-extension/gwget.xml.in.in: Set author and url.
	* epiphany-extension/Makefile.am: Include @GNOME_CFLAGS@ 
	to INCLUDE_CFLAGS so it can find libgnomeui.h. Fix bug #571790.
	* configure.ac: Detects Epiphany > 2.18. Patch from 
	Christoph Wickert. Fix bug #571789.
	* Changelog: Convert to UTF-8


** Affects: gwget
     Importance: Undecided
         Status: New

** Affects: gwget2 (Ubuntu)
     Importance: Undecided
     Assignee: Ubuntu Sponsors for universe (ubuntu-universe-sponsors)
         Status: New

[jaunty] Please update gwget to 1.0.1 version
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