[Bug 316305] Re: please sync deluge/1.1.2.dfsg-1 from debian-experimental

Andrew Starr-Bochicchio a.starr.b at gmail.com
Mon Feb 2 17:47:14 GMT 2009

** Description changed:

+  Debian changes:
+ deluge (1.1.2.dfsg-1) experimental; urgency=low
+  .
+   * New upstream version.
+     - upstream tarball has been repackaged due to a problem with the file
+       deluge/metafile.py, which is released with a non-dfsg free license (in
+       addition to the old issue with GeoIP database);
+     - debian/README.source: updated info about repackaging;
+     - debian/copyright: new and updated copyright notes and files;
+     - debian/patches:
+        + 001-fix_import_libtorrent.dpatch: deleted (fixed upstream);
+        + 002-Do_not_check_for_update_as_default.dpatch: renamed to
+          10-new_release_check.dpatch and updated;
+        + 20-torrent_creation.dpatch: added (see below);
+        + 30-manpages.dpatch: added;
+     - debian/NEWS: added file in order to alert about the disabled torrent
+       creation feature due to licensing problem and source repackaging;
+     - debian/deluge-console.install, debian/README.Debian: updated to reflect
+       the new UI specific folder name (renamed from 'null' to 'console');
+     - debian/rules: no need to remove extra LICENSE file (fixed upstream);
+   * debian/watch: fixed to watch for RC releases.
+ Upstream:
  Deluge 1.1.1 - (24 January 2009)
    * Fix oldstateupgrader for those upgrading from 0.5.x
    * Fix setting Peer TOS byte
    * Fix setting outgoing ports
    * Fix opening links from Help menu and others
    * Fix remembering sorted column in the torrent list
    * Fix saving Files tab and Peers tab state
    * Disable popup notification in preferences on Windows
    * Fix crashing in AddTorrentDialog when removing torrents from the list
    * Do not allow duplicate torrents in the AddTorrentDialog
    * Fix translating speed units in status tab when a per-torrent limit is set
    * Fix torrents not displaying properly after disconnecting and reconnecting to the daemon
    * Fix when sorting # column, downloads should be on top
    * Fix bdecoding some torrent files
    * Fix the -l, --logfile option
    * Fix #729 tracker icons not being saved in the correct location
    * Add support for more tracker icons
    * Fix being able to connect to a local daemon from another user account

please sync deluge/1.1.2.dfsg-1 from debian-experimental
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